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Welcome to the era of digital immersion
Reality Redefined
Our VFX artists encapsulate captivating narratives. With precise isolation, seamless compositing, and green screen grasp, they craft majestic visuals that transport viewers and defy reality.
From green screens to
spellbinding realities.
Pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling
The dedication of our VFX artists is boundless, pushing the frontiers of what is possible to bring on screen. They rise above the limitations of reality, building worlds and experiences that leave the audiences breathless. Our visuals are designed to transcend the horizons of ordinary.

Case Studies

We increase the intensity. Joining forces with Netflix for "Archies," we dove into Scan Plates and Elements from NetFX to craft captivating shots. Our to-do list? Nailing chroma removal and sprucing up foregrounds/backgrounds. Once shots were compiled, we got to work integrating edges and boosting colours during the final touches. Armed with software like Nuke, Mocha, and Adobe CC suite, we made sure every element added to the visual feast. The end result? A polished presentation packed with elements, seamless edge integration, colour grading, and more, ready to wow audiences.