Meet the Team

Prakash founded Adnet with a vision for excellence – and a whole lot of creativity! His leadership has transformed Adnet into a leading name in post-production.

Prakash Advani Founder & Chairman

The glue that holds Adnet together. Rohini's strategic thinking and organizational skills allow Adnet Global to meet deadlines consistently and exceed client expectations.

Rohini Babber Founder & Chief Operating Officer

A Strategic Collaborator with a keen eye for optimizing operations and identifying growth opportunities. Her inherent business sense and global vision ensure innovation and creative excellence.

Ashika Katary Chief Commercial Officer

Dan, equipped with exceptional networking skills, is renowned for his ability to connect with key individuals in various industries. Leveraging his extensive network to build partnerships that fuel Adnet's growth.

Daniel Eaton Vice President, Business Development

Victoria makes sure projects run like clockwork. Her operational systems ensure seamless collaboration across international borders. Equipped with Adnet expertise, she is quick to adapt and support her clients anywhere, any time.

Victoria Shutts Head of Client Relationships, North America

When she is not networking, you'll find her spoiling her furry friend. Jennifer brings boundless energy and a love to all!  Personalisation is her sales superpower. This sales director leads the pack with a winning smile and a genuine passion for understanding each customer's needs.

Jennifer Stevens Director - Sales, North America

Satish doesn’t just crunch numbers; he creates financial strategies that propel Adnet towards long-term success. His vision and leadership ensure the financial health of the company, paving the way for a bright cinematic future.

Satish Singh General Manager, Financial Planning & Analytics

Karan's the one who finds and nurtures Adnet Global's incredible talent. He is enthusiastic about creating a productive, fun, and supportive work environment, and his office door is always open for a chat.

Karan Kalha General Manager, Human Resources

Wasim leads our team of talented artists, transforming visions into reality. As he says, "There's no problem a little creativity can't solve!" When not knee-deep in the creative process, you might find him scribbling away in his trusty notepad.

Wasim Attar General Manager, Operations

Amey has a knack for understanding even the unsaid needs of our clients. He facilitates a collaborative environment where trust and clear communication pave the way for success.

With Amey by their side, clients know they're heard and valued.

Amey Sakpal Assistant General Manager,
Client Relationship Management

Dharmesh is our driving force in building Client relationships. He leads our dedicated teams in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Leveraging his association with operations he provides strategic insights that ensures seamless communication, personalized interactions, and tailored solutions, ultimately fostering long-lasting connections with our clientele.

Dharmesh Patel Assistant General Manager,
Client Relationship Management

Romi champions exceptional content, fostering collaboration and creativity as she leads the team of specialists who ensure every piece meets the highest standards while delivering value to our audience. Her dedication keeps our content a cut above.

Romi Kiran Head, Content Services
We have a fantastic team at Adnet Global, all passionate about what they do. Their love for their work shows in every project we deliver.
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Diversity is the heart of our success. We believe in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to share their unique voice and perspective. It's not about quotas, it's about creating a vibrant community of talented individuals who come together to create groundbreaking ideas.

We overcome communication barriers by developing our own sign language for technical terminologies for everyone to participate, share ideas, and feel welcomed.

We overcome communication barriers by developing our own sign language for technical terminologies for everyone to participate, share ideas, and feel welcomed.